Model HD4000

Hot Dog/Sausage Vendor

The HD4000 is the second-generation of a hotdog vending machines that separately cooks a fresh hot dog, warms a bun, and delivers it to the customer in less than a minute.  The machine’s Hotdog and bun cooking/heating and transport systems are based on proven and robust technology from the first-generation vending machine. The new machine will feature improved storage and dispensing mechanisms for the hot dogs and buns, a controlled condiment dispenser, a bright and eye-catching VM door that includes a touchscreen and multiple payment methods. 





The top-notch vending experience!

Speed and Convenience

Fast, freshly cooked in 60 seconds or less.

No Waste

Hot dogs and buns remain fresh up to 2 weeks.

Product Safety

Systems diagnostics prevent vending of expired or non-refrigerated hot dogs..

Increased Adjacent Machine Sales:

Hot dog availability increases snack and cold drink sales.

Improved Packaging

Eco- Friendly supplied packaging and no specialized packaging equipment required.

High ROI for Operator

Fresh cooked products command price premium.

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