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July 2023

LFC Systems’ Hot Dog Vending Machines a Big Hit at NAMA Show in Atlanta!

LFC Systems Co-Founders, Leon Leykin and Rick DiAntonio showcased their first- and second-generation hot dog vending machines at the NAMA Show in Atlanta, Georgia.  Cooked hotdogs, brats, and sausages from the HD3000 machine were loved by all who sampled them and having the two machines side-by side allowed everyone to see the benefits of the second generation HD4000 Hot Dog Vending Machine.

They saw that the HD4000 had the same proven hot dog cooking and delivery systems as the HD3000 and were impressed with the HD4000’s more compact size, its improved graphics and lighting, its secure condiment dispenser and easier to load hot dog and bun storage dispensers.  Business owners serving various locations including factories, service & shipping centers, laundromats, schools, highway rest stops, convenience stores, sports venues, and offices, recognized the HD4000’s great profit potential for their operations.

With the prototype assembly and testing scheduled for completion, Leon and Rick are excited to move forward.  The machines will be thoroughly tested at Beta sites in Baltimore. Pricing and manufacturing details will be announced at a later date.