Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the HD4000 keep both the hot dog and bun fresh?

HD4000 stores the hot dogs and buns separately in a specially designed refrigerator. They are only assembled after both are cooked and warmed individually.  The HD4000 works with hot dog and bun storage/delivery containers provided by LFC systems. These containers have the dual purpose of keeping the products fresh and allowing the transport of the hot dog and bun through their cooking/heating process, bun and hotdog assembly and final delivery through the customer portal.

How does the HD4000 attain the grilled-like quality of hot dogs?

The hot dog oven combines microwave and infrared technology to uniformly cook the meat products while searing the outside. The meat products are cooked and dispensed on rods, which spin and move in and out of the patented oven while cooking. This motion ensures fast and even cooking of the food product. 

What can be cooked in the HD4000 Oven?

Any food product that is tubular or cylindrical, up to six inches long and between 5/8” and 1-1/4” in diameter. 

What is the cooking time?

Cooking time depends on product size and can vary between 35-55 seconds. The operator sets up the correct cooking time based on LFC recommendations and trial verification.  The machine’s microprocessor stores the different product cooking times.

How are consumers assured that the whole preparation process is safe?

The microprocessor-controlled machine has electronic temperature control and system diagnostics that prevent vending of expired hotdogs. The HD4000 has a lighted customer window wherein the customer can observe the entire process, from the time the hotdog and bun are removed from the refrigerator to the time they are dispensed by the machine. In short, the machine cooks and assembles the hot dogs right in front of customer's eyes, to reassure them of the quality of both the machine and the product.

How many different products can be stored and processed in the HD4000?

There are four hot dog storage/dispensing units, six bun storage modules and three condiment dispensing devices in the machine.  The operator can stock any combination of different products based on the number of storage/dispensing units, and if desired, can define pricing for all product options.

Does the product require special packaging?

LFC systems provides hot dog and bun delivery containers that are environmentally friendly, easy to assemble and do not require additional specialized packaging equipment. It’s simple and fast to load the hot dogs and buns into the containers and then stock those containers inside the machine. 

How are consumers assured that the machine is sanitized?

After each vend and/or every five minutes of inactivity, the oven activates the infrared heater to clean the cooking fork surfaces. This eliminates all residue on the cooking surfaces.

How do operators know when to replenish the machine and what products to bring?

The HD4000’s telemetry system reports to the operator the daily sales, inventory level, and any technical issues. 

Can operators service the machines themselves?

The HD4000’s modular design and self-diagnostic system enables the operators to rapidly identify and replace assemblies with ease, and many of the parts are industry standard. 

Why should operators buy the HD4000?

Limited competition in the hot fresh food category supports a higher gross profit margin than cold sandwich and snack machines. At a Multi-Vend site, it will increase sales of complementary products (i.e. soda, juices, snacks,) which will increase the operator’s overall sales. Most importantly, this unique machine will assist operators to capture new accounts, retain existing customers and increase market share.

How else can the HD4000 benefit operators?

The HD4000 advertising displays make it ideal for high traffic locations. The large touchscreen can promote product brands. The operator can customize the machine’s graphics to appeal to the location’s customer base and to improve awareness of the product.

Where can the HD4000 be located?

Practically, everywhere! In schools, offices, factories, hospitals, gas stations, rest areas, bars, and public areas. It also opens up unique locations like street corners, golf courses, sports stadiums, cinemas, military bases, and bus/light rail/subway stations. The HD4000 can be operated in outdoor locations or unconditioned spaces if it is protected from precipitation. The HD4000 requires no special electrical requirements. Just place the machine in any location with access to a 20-amp, 110 volt dedicated circuit.

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