Introducing Second Generation

Model HD4000 Hotdog/Sausage Vending Machine

HD3000 Hot Dog/Sausage Vending Machine

Who We Are

LFC Systems has designed and built a second-generation hot dog vending machine that cooks a fresh hot dog, warms a bun, and delivers the assembled American classic in less than a minute. The machine’s cooking, heating and transport systems are based on the proven and robust technology from the first-generation vending machine, one of which has served hot dogs at Fenway Park in Boston for over 14 years.

The new machine (HD4000), available for sale in the 4 th quarter of 2023 offers many improved features delivered in a smaller footprint from the first-generation machine. The HD4000 features improved storage and dispensing mechanisms for the hot dogs and buns, a controlled condiment dispenser, an eye-catching front door that includes a touchscreen, supports multiple payment methods, and uses ecologically friendly packaging materials.


 Speed & convenience:

Fast, freshly cooked in 60 seconds or less.

No Waste: 

Hot dogs and buns shelf life up to 2 weeks.

 Product Safety:

Systems diagnostics prevent vending of expired hot dogs.

Increased Adjacent Machine Sales:

Hot dog availability increases snack and cold drink sales.

Improved Packaging:

Eco- Friendly supplied packaging and no specialized packaging equipment required.

High ROI for Operator: 

Fresh cooked products command price premium.

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Why should operators invest in HD4000?

With very limited resource requirements, the gross profit margin is greater than cold vending machines and comparable to your ordinary snack machine. It is also proven to increase sales of complementary products (i.e. soda, juices, snacks, etc.) instead of competing with other product lines; the HD4000 will increase overall sales. But most importantly, this unique machine will assist operators to attain new accounts, retain existing customers and increase market share.

How does HD4000 keep both the hot dog and bun fresh?

HD4000 stores the hot dogs and buns separately, in a specially designed refrigerator. They are only put together after both are cooked and warmed individually.  The HD4000 will require hot dog and bun storage/delivery containers provided by LFC systems. These containers have the dual purpose of keeping the products fresh and allowing the transport of the hot dog and bun through their cooking/heating process, bun and hotdog assembly and final delivery through the customer portal.

How many different products can be stored and processed in the HD4000?

There are four hot dog storage/dispensing units, six bun storage modules and three condiment dispensing devices in the machine.  The Operator can stock any combination of different products based on the number of storage/dispensing units, and if desired, set different or add-on pricing for different product options.

Where can the HD4000 be located?

Practically, everywhere! In schools, offices, factories, hospitals, gas stations, rest areas, bars, and public areas. It also opens up unique locations like street corners, golf courses, sports stadiums, cinemas, military bases, and bus/light rail/subway stations. The HD4000 can be operated in outdoor locations or unconditioned spaces if it is protected from precipitation. The HD4000 requires no special electrical requirements. Just place the machine in any location with access to a 20-amp, 110 volt dedicated circuit.